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PURA commended for management of CSR Projects

By Our Correspondent

The Songo Songo Ward Councilor, in Lindi Region, Hon. Hassan Swalehe Yusuph has commended the Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority (PURA) for its excellent management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects undertaken by natural gas producing companies on the island of Songo Songo.

Hon. Yusuph made these remarks recently while speaking with PURA officials accompanied by media stakeholders during their visit to the island to inspect the projects being implemented by the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) and PanAfrican Energy Tanzania (PAET) Company.

"PURA has done a great job in formulating CSR guidelines which will provide guidance on the implementation of these projects, which has been a catalyst for citizens to have projects they desire and that meet their needs, rather than projects decided solely by the investing companies," he said.

He added that these guidelines would address the challenges of conflicts that previously existed between citizens and investors, as projects were previously based more on the investor's preference rather than the actual needs of the community. This would be resolved by these guidelines, as investors would be mandated to implement projects according to the existing needs.

During the visit, the PURA delegation toured the new Songo Songo health center, dormitories, and science laboratory at Songo Songo Secondary School, all of which were constructed by PAET as part of its CSR projects on the island. The delegation also heard presentations on CSR projects implemented by TPDC, including providing free water and electricity services to the islanders, with efforts underway to provide them with a reliable ferry service.

Speaking during the visit, Geologist Desmond Risso, representing the Director General of PURA, expressed satisfaction with the efforts made by investors in the area and was pleased with how the councilor urged citizens to utilize these projects as intended.

Regarding the establishment of these CSR implementation guidelines, Risso said they aimed to ensure that the communities surrounding these projects are involved in deciding which projects should be prioritized, rather than having projects that do not meet the real needs of the citizens.

"I call upon the residents of Songo Songo, when these guidelines are ready, to be ready to come forward and participate in identifying the real needs in this area so that the projects implemented can solve existing problems and thus improve the lives of the islanders," Risso added.